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Packing Tips

Have a successful moving process

The most important part of moving is the organization. If you start packing with plenty of time, you’ll get better results at the end of this process. Looking around your home and see all the items that you have to pack can be difficult. That’s why we are here to help you if you are on your own with the packing and wrapping process. This task should be done properly because is the one that will ensure that your possessions arrive damage-free into your new home.

  • Recommended packing supplies

    For protecting your items while they are traveling into your new home, you’ll need:

    Boxes: Boxes come in all shapes and sizes, you should select a box depending on your items. Make sure that they are strong and good quality for the safeness of your belongings.

    Wrapping paper: The large sheets of plain paper are perfect for rolling and wrapping your items to protect them during the move.

    Bags: Bags are no the most practical packing material for moving, but sometimes they come very handy for clothes, personal items, etc.

    Packing tape: You’ll need plenty of heavy duty tape for sealed your boxes and for general household use.

    Markers: For label every box you will need resistant markers.

    If you have delicate items such as piano, art pieces, antiques, etc. you may need special supplies that we can provide you. Remember that you don’t have to be alone in this process, we are professionals in packing and we can do everything for you.

  • Starting the process of packing

    Start early: To make the job easier, start packing with anticipation the things that you don’t use frequently like ornaments, books or art pieces.

    Prepare your boxes: Reinforce the bottom of every box with packing tape to make sure that is sealed properly.

    Label: Pack each room in separate boxes and then, mark the box with the contents and the room that belongs.

    Pack heavy items in small boxes:Overweight boxes are hard to lift and could cause you an injury. Keep each box with a weight that you can manage.

    Disassemble items: Remove legs from furniture, take lampshades off of the base, etc.

    Pack valuables and essential separately: jewelry, medications, and important documents should be by your side during the move.

  • Kitchen Items

    Use original boxes:use the original boxes for your microwave or toaster. They have the perfect size and you will save a lot of space.

    Wrap breakables: The dishes and glassware need to be wrapped separately using paper or bubble wrap. Mark the boxes “fragile”.

  • Bedroom

    Keep sentimental items with you: as you travel to your new home, keep your valuables or sentimental jewelry with you.

    Protect your makeup: makeup is very fragile so you need to carefully pack. Separate liquids, cover loose powder, wrap nail polishes and take it with you during the transportation.

    Keep daily medications with you:You may need to keep the medications with you for an emergency.

    Lamps: Remove the shade and pack it in a carton, also remove the bulb and wrap the base in bubble wrap before packing. Mark the boxes “fragile”.

    Mirrors: Wrap the mirror in bubble wrap and put masking tape over the glass.

    Packing requires experience, time and dedication. Every item in your home is different and may need a specific care. Our team is trained and licensed to provide you with the best service possible and they’ll ensure the safety of your belongings. With us, you can be calm knowing that your possessions are in the best hands and they’ll arrive without any damage to your new home.

    If you need more information about our services, call us at 442 777 62 77.

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